Whatever you do, please don't be 'cake'!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Words You Can Blurt Out When You're Feeling Surprised | That's ...

Have you seen the videos which made rounds some time back, of different objects which looked like one thing... but all turned out to be cake??

Oh Em Gee! Some of those videos happen to actually be the creepiest thing ever.  But as creepy as they were, I couldn't stop watching them. The more I watched, the more I got sucked in.

(I almost started wondering if I was really human, or just cake)

While I appreciate the creativity behind making such cakes, it could be a bit annoying to think you were getting something, only to get another.

Imagine going to the bathroom, and having done the deed, reaching for the rolls, boom! A pound of cheese-cake instead is stuck on your fingers.

Or inserting your feet into what you thoughts to be a pair of crocs, and instead, unexpectedly pressing into a soft pound of mush, causing you to slip fall and hit your head.

Annoying... right??

Yet, it’s kind of similar to what today's world is slowly turning many of us into.

With the rise of personal branding tools like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs, the pressure to brandish to the world a super-star-mega-successful-always-happy-never-broke-ultra-intelligent personality is palpable.

Which is not a bad thing per se in itself. The question is whether said personality is real; whether there is any truth to it at all, or it is all a facade to "keep up with the joneses” (my father's favourite phrase)

In trying to prove how "successful" one is to the world in glamorous pictures and profiles, one could be soooo preoccupied with the effort and resulting accolades, that one may actually fail to build the most important component of one's personality/life:


Remember the annoying mental picture painted above of objects turning out to be cake, when required for something else that they had been portrayed to be? That is the frustration others around us would feel, when drawn to one due to high sounding words and a beautifully crafted brand, only to find coconut everywhere upstairs.

(No offense to coconuts all over the world)

This is not to rain on anyone's branding parade. Rather, this is to challenge whoever is reading this, that rather than cave to the present society's pressure of focusing on the superficial, the exterior, spend more time and resources instead working on the inside and building substance.

Read widely, and deeply. Be engaged in useful conversations. Be open to learning, quickly researching new information stumbled upon.

Find opportunities for continuous personal growth and self-development. Let the exterior be the icing on the cake, so that you can solidly hold your own in a world causing many to flail on the inside.

Yes... everyone likes cake, if they know they are about to have some. But a cake would be totally useless, where it is a hammer required to drive nails in.

In all of your getting, get substance.

Don't be 'cake'. 😊



Photo Credit: Macaulay Culkin (as Kevin McCallister) in "Home Alone", distributed by 20th Century Fox
Video Credit: Caters Clips on YouTube 

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