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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

When I turned 30 (which in pandemic calendar, now seems like centuries ago), I thought of creating an 11 year time capsule via pictures, culminating to when I turned 40.

So every birthday, I'd take the time to organize a photo shoot. My birthdays were the one day in the year I'd binge on vanity.

Hair makeover. Bangin' make-up. Full-blown photoshoot.

The idea was to put all the pictures taken side by side at the end of the period, to see how sis aged over the years. 😊

But NEVER in my wildest dreams did I imagine that this year's birthday would turn out the way it did. In a pseudo-apocalyptic world, with complete and abject, socially distant isolation.


(What's that thing they say about lemons and life??)

This year, I had to take all the gratitude for life, and pour it into selfies. Yes, there may have been no (professional) shoot this year, but there is breath in me to take selfies.

I was my own my own hairdresser and make-up artist.

And a Selfie Birthday it was.

I absolutely abhor heights. But for this birthday, I braved a selfie from the balcony. (Plus the weather was heavenly)
I also thought of bringing a little cheer to others around with this unique birthday of mine (heaven knows we all need it).

So I've compiled a short list of older anecdotal posts on this blog (with embedded links), that you may have missed, and are likely to crack you into a hearty smile (or two). Like that time I:

1. Prepped for what I thought was the best birthday celebration ever. (El oh EL) - 0419: Evolution of my Birthday groove
2. Scored an "own" goal on Valentine's Day - My Crazy Valentine
3. Thought there was free lunch in Rome.. or anywhere - Memoirs of a Rookie Traveler: No such thing as a Free Lunch
4. Broke into Nigerian pop, just to avoid excess charges on the Titanic in my baggage - Naija Girl Abroad (Part 1): Perks of the traveling Nigerian
5. Turned to my native tongue to escape prison - Naija Girl Abroad (Part 3): Who Phoneh epp?
6. Leapt into a dance for village people all over the world - It takes a village to break into a dance
7. Had a surprise meeting with Igwe! - Chidi my Help, and the danger of a single narrative
8. Gushed over the movie of the decade - Why we love Black Panther
9. Gushed over a long-lost love - Ode to Mr. M
10. Absolutely enjoyed Bima's adventure to fulfill a life-long dream - My Hustle to JAND

As you smile to each anecdote, clink your glasses, raise a prayer, and give thanks for the life we have.

And give the message to Corona: You can try to keep us isolated. But you CANNOT kill our joy. 😛

Cheers to all the good ahead. We all gon' be (more than) just fine.



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  1. I've missed seeing your posts, Meg. It's glad reading from your page again. ������

  2. Happy Birthday Meg and cheers to many beautiful years ahead 🎂💕💝