Dear August... (and maybe September)

Monday, August 05, 2019

Wait... did you think I was done?

That I had forever buried my e-pen and ink at the bottom of the Dead Sea??

That I had shut THIS all down, packed up my stuff and moved far, far away to Australia?

(No offence to my darling Australian fans... I love you 😍😍 )

Heck no! 

But I have been up and about..

Remember when I hinted at the end of last year, that I was taking a step back in 2019, to build more substance in my life??

I love, love, LOVE to give through my writing. And I did a lot of that last year.

 But sometimes... to be able to give, you have to build. And grow.

Which is why I've been off(ish). I've been working on personal growth, in my career and otherwise.

Most significantly... I slowly (but surely) rekindled my love for reading, just for reading sake.

I know; it's hard for folks in professions like mine, to make reading their hobbies. But fam... it hit me that movies and Social Media had consumed too much of my appetite than was intellectually healthy for me.

So I took a healthy step back from all of that, and literally forced myself to go back to reading.

At first, it was hard. So I started with the baby stuff. Pseudo-romance novels, laced with the Nancy Drew-type sleuthing.

Then I moved on up to hard-core thrillers. The Dean Koontzes and Robert Pattersons.

Now... I'm in full groove back in my addiction with reading, and just plucking the books from the shelves. My focus recently has been more on autobiographical novels; fun enough to keep me mentally entertained & stimulated, while taking notes on real life lessons.

I've got a poppin' line-up of some of these books, for August, and likely September. If possible... I just might stretch reading them to October. (Talk about delayed gratification)

How do I get the time, you ask? 

Boo... I've learnt to restrict my movie watching to just weekends, and I'm now very selective with how long I'm on Social Media a day. Sometimes... 30 minutes a day. Other times... none.

So yes, these are my faves right now:  Becoming (by Michelle Obama a.k.a Queen Mother forever!), Born a Crime (by Trevor Noah), Second Class Citizen (by Buchi Emecheta), year of YES (by my darling Shonda Rhimes), Invisible Women (by Caroline Criado-Perez) and Girl Stop Apologizing (by Rachel Hollis).

You can be sure that I'll gush about some (if not all) of them via reviews here.

In the meantime... yes. You can do the happy chicken dance.

I surely am back never left.



P.s: Feels good to be back... doesn't it?

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  1. I smell shade😀... Anyways, good to have you back. I really want to rekindle my reading habits and I honestly wish I could use some strong hands because tips won't work. I have tried it before 😩...