Beyoncé’s Homecoming - A Review

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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This is supposed to be a (mini)-review of Beyoncé’s Home-coming film, released on Netflix. 

The film covers her performance at the 2018 Coachella Awards (renamed “Beychella”), with some behind the scenes documentary inter-woven with the performances.

A review would usually entail an objective critique of a work of art (or any other body of work), so that even as the work of Art is extolled, its shortcomings are highlighted.


But I would be lying to you, if I told you that I found any shortcomings in Homecoming.

There was nothing to “critique” about Homecoming.


See… I had watched snippets of the show on YouTube, and had said to myself “Oh yes, Beyonce is the hottest thing right now. We already know. What else is there to show??

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrllll!!! I was not ready for the Homecoming video.

(It totally snatched my braids; attachment and all, from my head)

The scales fell off my eyes from the things I hitherto considered as just “ordinary performance”. Beyoncé shared with us the detail she put in everything.

Great attention to detail was poured into EVERY SINGLE THING. Everything had a purpose. Everything had a reason.

From the colours of the performers, to the choice of instruments, to the choice of make-up, and the performance as a whole.

Beyond the detail in the delivery, the sheer effort Beyoncé poured into preparations made me want to sit down and think of my life all over again.

And again.

And again.

While it made me realise the amount of work many entertainers put into delivering their “perfect” performances, it showed the personal struggles Beyoncé had to overcome to deliver this particular “perfect” show.

How she had to re-learn her body and re-master her art. How she had to overcome “what ifs” to present the greatest Coachella ever.

In the course of the documentary, she mentions that she wanted to create something that people from all works of life could relate to, even as they watched her performance.

Boy… could I relate!

I mean, we couldn’t be more different in our chosen professions, could we?

But seeing her struggle in balancing her work life and family life; seeing her as a woman of a particular age facing the realities of nurturing other humans, while staying on top of her game; seeing her as a (black) woman having to best even herself, because that is the only way the world stands still, and gives us our full attention.

All I could say was “Finally! Someone gets this!!”

And hope… my, she gave me hope for a lot of things. Seeing her embrace life changes, and working it to her own advantage filled me with new hope that I could (and will) do same too.

Beyond this was the love for her family, and loyalty to her loved ones, which she once again displays in the line-up of her guest artistes.

And teamwork! If you're a boss, trying to master how to entrench teamwork within your team, Homecoming should be on constant replay.

According to Sandra Oh during her Times 100 Influential People speech, "Beyonce shows what you can create, when you give your all, andgive space for others to do same".


Homecoming was a whole mood; I was very proud of myself for watching Homecoming on my Birthday (what better Birthday present could I have gifted myself with??)
I see myself vibing to it in the bliss of my solitude for many, many days to come. It is my new how-to-unwind-after-work pill.
I’d probably have to watch the video in quick succession at least one hundred and fifty more times, before I finally get used to all the awesomeness packed in two hours.

Beyoncé’s Homecoming is not just entertainment, for entertainment sake. At the very least, I would label Beyoncé’s homecoming “Deeply Inspiring”.

You could even nickname it "Lessons on Teamwork".

For now, it is Perfection.



P.s: Could we just leave this (unnecessary) MJ v. Beyonce argument, and celebrate all of the awesomeness they both have blessed us with?

Photo-Credits: (Beyonce at Coachella 2018)

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