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Monday, April 01, 2019

road in between brown wooden fences

Last month, I got mortally scared twice.

The first, I got called in by my physician from out of the blues, based on some routine check-up test results.


I just started crying; thinking of the most extreme possibilities.

Why would the doctor call me in?

Was this the end?

How much longer did I have to eat fried dodo??

Who would inherit my favourite teddy bear??

My fifteen years of binging faithfully on Grey’s Anatomy ensured the scariest outcomes kept replaying over and over in my head, as I did the seemingly long ride to the doctor’s.

It took me all of my home training (and a little more) to refrain from drawing out a loooooooong village-woman hiss at the doctor’s confirmation that there was absolutely nothing wrong, and I’d been brought in for random information that could well have been given to me over the phone.



The second was less third-person-esque in delivery: I came down with the NASTIEST flu ever in my history of coming down with flus.

One day, I was jumping all over the gym. The next, I was rolling on the floor, calling for my Mummy.

I have experienced my fair share of Malarias in my day. But this one, it was like a bout of Malaria 10.0 XX version.

One of those days, it felt like the end had come, and I made a mental note to wake up thanking God for pristine health everyday if when it blew over.

The weather did little to help. It was cloudy most of the week, and greatly oscillating between highs and lows. 

And bad news seemed to be on a roll.

By the end of the last week, I only got by from day to day, with fantasies of the hot Abu Dhabi sun all over my skin, as my bed-time routine.


I’m not sure if it is because it is a new month, a new week, my birth month, or the strong rays of sun as found staring at me when I lifted the curtain this morning.

(Or even a happy combination of it all)

But I woke up today, stepping into this… feeling of newness. One could feel the palpable lift of the invisible cloud that had seemed to have engulfed us all since the past month.

And as the sun defiantly burst out today, I got excited seeing that Spring had finally come was slowly – but surely - winning this battle against winter.

And in a short while… it would be summer!! 😊😊

I got reminded today of the holy book’s wise words; “sorrow only lasts for a night”.

For no matter how long the sorrow or unhappiness or sadness may, it is only a night. When it lifts – as it surely will - it is as though we have stepped into a certain newness; a dawn of a new day.

And as always, all things are presented in their true colours: bright and beautiful

person holding flowers

As you step into this new month and into the Spring, I wish you the brightest and most beautiful of things to come.



Photocredits: (Werner Sevenster) (Ales Me)

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  1. And you too. This month shall continue to bring you unending joy.