Pius Adesanmi: A life to celebrate

Monday, March 18, 2019

In the past week, I have tried severally to write a comprehensive tribute.

And every time, I have failed.

How do you ‘comprehensively’ capture in one article/post the force of a human, whom even though no more with us, will continue to have his good works being preached, long after the rest of us all are all gone?

I have written pieces here, and there, on various social platforms. Not that any is ‘comprehensive’.

Perhaps, the one which best captures my thoughts about him, in the shortest form is:

"Because of @pius_adesanmi I am convinced more than ever that a life without making impact is a wasted one.

It is not enough to just go through life enjoying your picket fence, beautiful house and sports car.

You should positively affect the lives of others around you"

Pius lived FULL. His was a life of impact; a legacy of striving for a better humanity.

His writing influenced mine greatly, and his tenacity in facing social justice issues was always a breath of fresh air.

Without even trying or asking, he was a role model to many, and I happily sat on that table.

His is that story you would eagerly point to your children, to encourage them to never settle for mediocrity.

My one regret: I (thought I) had all of the time to meet you. I just never did.

I always knew thought that one day, we would sit face to face, and laughingly compare notes over mutual Nigerian and Canadian experiences. Because in this country/city, we all "know" ourselves.

There was time, I assured myself, as I consistently procrastinated.

I was mistaken.

There was no time.

We will not mourn, as if there is no hope. For one day, we will all laugh together.

Yours is not a death to mourn Pius, but a life to celebrate.


Fare Thee Well.


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  1. Hmmmmmmmm. So sad. It's well. May his soul continue to rest in God's bosom. Amen. May God give us the strength to live impactful lives.......