‘Yay Brexit!!’ or No Brexit?

Friday, February 01, 2019

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I honestly cannot keep up anymore. I just cannot.

Can you??

In 2017, in what has come to be one of the most defining moments in history, the British people voted to in favour of a referendum to leave the European Union, in what has now been tagged “Brexit”.

Well… those who voted, voted to leave.  It is now claimed that a majority of the population did not vote. Because no one took it seriously that people actually would vote to leave the EU.

(Just like no one took it serious that Mr. Trump would win the Presidency in the United States)

But I guess it was that period when the fear-mongering wave swept the world, and made people throw their hats in rings they never would have.

Since the Brexit vote, it has been one drama to the other for Britain. 

First, James Cameron resigning as Prime Minister. Then the GB Pound taking a hit. Next, Ms. May being subjected to vote of (no) confidence after vote of (no) confidence.

(And now… there are talks of maybe yet another Brexit Referendum)


I honestly cannot keep up anymore. Did they REALLY not think this through, while agitating for the Referendum?

I guess the lesson is to never let fear get the better of you, and make you take decisions in the moment… decisions which you have the rest of your life to doubt and (possibly) regret. Because this Brexit business seems to not have been a well considered decision.


If you DO understand what exactly is going on, please be kind enough to educate the rest of us in the comments section below.



Photo-Credit: www.briefingsforbrexit.com

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