12 Moons Later...

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Like a Candle in the wind,
It is twelve moons today.

Since your light transcended this realm
To a place, ever cloth’d in the sun’s ray.

I often wonder… (nay, I always do)
do you miss us hard, the way we miss you
Do you?

Do you hope it is one long dream,
From which you’ll snap, and rise with a scream?

Do you still sing you "Fine!" song,
With a drawl and a grin?

Or do you guilt and mourn
For leaving us to your sojourn?

Pardon me (I implore),
If I take you back memory lane
To this world that is filled
With sorrow and pain.

But this heartache we nurse
Sometimes, it feels worse.
For the memory
Of what you are
Is not just a story;
You were our Star.

It is twelve moons today, since you slipped away.
We will keep you in our hearts…
For forever.
(And a day).

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