Igwebuike: Strength in Unity.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Let's take a moment this week to appreciate practical life (and business) lessons from two famous motherland people.

Earlier this year, David Adeleke (“Davido”) and Tiwa Savage (both HUGE Nigerian afro-pop artistes) were nominated for the same BET international award of “Best International Act”, along with other Africans and people of African heritage.

Davido jumped on that nomination so bad. It was clear he wanted it.

Tiwa Savage did not sneeze.

You would have thought she would want this. But she did not say a word about this nomination, and I only realised she was among the nominees when I saw the full nominees’ list.

Davido won. And a part of me asked: why did she just roll over and let him take this, without even a fight?

Oh well..

Image result for davido wins bet awards 2018
Davido on the BET stage with his award in June this year.
Fast forward to October (last month). Tiwa Savage and Davido both got nominated for "Best African Act" in the MTV European Music Awards, along with other Africans.

Tiwa's publicity team jumped on it.

Everytime you opened Instagram, there was someone beckoning you to vote for her.

(I probably voted about 20 billion times)

David did not sneeze.

Of course, Tiwa won.

Image result for tiwa savage wins ema award
Tiwa Savage with her award at the MTV EMA awards in Bilbao, Spain
Do you see what they did there?

In this life, it’s not every time "competition, competition".

Sometimes, Collaboration. Sometimes, Unity. Sometimes... understanding that by dividing your strength and your base, nobody takes home the prize.

Clearly, if both artistes had gone head to head against other, they would have shared those Nigerian/West African/African votes. It is doubtful that either of them would have brought any of the awards ‘home’.

I know a lot of us have all been ingrained with "the other person is your enemy!" But this is not always true. Sometimes, we can actually close ranks and achieve more together.

And this is not to say that do not be a wolf in chasing your own path and carving your own niche. Just remember that even wolves sometimes move in packs.

It is important to always assess the particular circumstance to determine if the cons of collaboration outweigh the pros.

Even in business. Especially in Business

At some time in the future, Davido and Tiwa will go head to head on international awards, and (possibly) bring them all to the motherland. 

But not just yet. We are getting there... but not quite there yet.

And it is good that they realised this.

So before you jump into that (unnecessary) rivalry/competition with that someone, look at the bigger picture.

Could you ‘gain' now but lose more in the future than you could have possibly gained? Or is it better to walk across the table, discuss things and support each other?

The Igbos of Nigeria have a saying that: "Igwe bu ike". This is translated to "There is strength in Unity".

I believe in this too. Even in rivalries, there are times we must come together for the greater good, in order to win individually.

There is a reason we were not left in this world alone, without anybody else.

Because even the universe understands that together is always better than alone.




P.s: Congratulations to Tiwa and Davido! These are firsts of many great things to come.

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  1. True talk my sweerie poraro. As a single stick of broom cannot effectively sweep a compound (I think this is an Igbo adage, but you can speak that Igbo by yasef biko, I kent shout)...Kizzez!

  2. This one I dont agree. Davido campaigned for vote oh. His whole team campaigned too, the whole negative controversy of Tiwa and Wizkid Fever video gave her an edge and she gathered more new votes as she aggressively campaigned that period. Negative publicity is good publicity that's what helped Tiwa, if not David would have won that award.