BFLN... and the beauty beneath the clouds.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Courtesy: BFLN 2018 Retreat
There is something that being thirty thousand feet above the ground does to me. It makes me all shades of corny philosophical.

(The only other environment which boasts of wielding such power over me is its older brother: the loo)

So I found myself flying in the not too distant past. Our plane was well above the clouds, which looked beautiful but thick beneath us.

As the pilot prepared for landing, and we began slowly descending, I wondered how we were going to pierce through those thick crowds and descend safely.

For some reason, in all my years of air travel, I had never actual exact thought to how the plane weaves in or out of clouds.

I was curious this time, and watched very intently.

As we approached the clouds, they suddenly seemed to loom thicker. Was there going to be turbulence? Would it be a tiny bump, or that type of rigorous shake that makes Ifa worshipers shriek "the blood of Zechariah!!!"?

What if another plane was waiting underway to ram into ours?

I had almost succeeded into working myself into a curious, fearful fit. All by myself.

But something very interesting happened, right before my eyes.

As the nose and wings of the plane dived into the clouds, the clouds very, very easily melted and parted. Like wisps of baby spider webs, dissolving into nothingness.

Suddenly, there were no clouds, and the splendour of the city sprawled out below.

Nothing scary lay in wait. Nothing unhappy.

Just beauty and the wonderment of the combination of God's creation and man's intelligence sprawled in unhindered sight.

And in that moment, it hit me - oh, it hit me hard! - that this is very similar to what happens to us all in life.

Often, we are beguiled and overwhelmed with the hurdles, difficulties, and vicissitudes of life, that we forget what we have within us.

These looming difficulties - just like those clouds - threaten to throw us off balance, if we dare to challenge them in the face.

But the truth is if we just set our eyes on our intended destination, with faith in ourselves, we will see that those obstacles are nothing but clouds: a smokescreen, very similar to the wisps of a baby spider's web.

I was reminded of this yesterday, as I sat at the Black Female Lawyers Network (BFLN) of Toronto’s annual "Sistahs-In-Law" retreat. I listened to various stories of powerful women of colour; as they persevered through prejudices and stereotypes to actualising their dreams, and becoming beacons of light to others around them.

I was reminded that challenges are only temporary, and that if we stayed true to our resolve, we will break through the mirage of clouds.

 There is much more strength and beauty beneath and beyond those clouds.

It is important that we trust the process and always bear in mind that there is greatness in each of us, which can never be extinguished and endless possibilities to becoming the conquerors we were created to be.

If we will, nothing could ever stop us. Especially not the clouds.



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  1. Wow. Good write Meg. I can relate completely. It sometimes, if not always seem as tho the task will be impossible but then, bit by bit, it all goes away and goal achieved.

    Thanks for this and for always encouraging.