Pause and remember the things that really matter

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I saw you!

Yes you!!

(Why are you looking back though??)


Rolling your eyes at me, muttering under your breath "Just this two minutes of going viral on the internet... and she thinks she's famous"?

Yhen. Yhen. Yhen.

Oh well... I roll my eyes at me too. Heck, I roll my eyes for no reason.

*rolls eyes*

But vex or not... I did recently become quite suddenly 'famous', without seeing it coming. (Read aaaalllll about it here)

In my short seven days of being under the spotlight, I now understand why Beyonce never responds to any of my numerous Instagram messages; the majority of which is a daily reminder to her how much we were besties on our former lives.

I have received over 70,000 messages!!!!

(Okay... hyperbole much)

But I have received a LOT of messages... which, even though I'm thankful for the positive exposure... where do I start responding from???

(*exhausted face*)

Related image

And then... there are the ones who have been sending me calls for various donations.

(Lol. It seems we forgot to put out the word that I would love donations for my pretty self too)

Eventually, I was forced to pop this public service announcement on my personal Facebook page, that:

(This is the time to make a Nigerian friend. At the very least, to interprete this exotic piece of naija-lingo)

Seriously... this brief period has been an eye-opening experience for yours truly. One day, you're a relatively unknown law aficionado (from a tight-knit family), with a blog for a hobby, and a thing for cracking chicken bones after munching all the chicken.

Next day, you're that "Nigerian-Canadian lawyer who danced at her call to Bar", with 70,000 numerous messages flying in, and at least 20 sudden marriage proposals.

(Who will tell the boo?)

For all my being active on Social Media, I had trained myself over time to simply drop my phone and face life the most of the time. Especially considering the real life demands of my career as a lawyer (of which Law will always be my first love).

In the wake of this new-found fame, I found myself holding on to my phone a little more, peering at the screen a little longer, and being lost mid-conversation while casually distracted by answering a pop-up notification.

(Was this what B meant; that at various levels of “success”, it would be important to pause, reassess your priorities, and remind yourself of the things that really matter?)

So, I held a one-woman intervention for myself, and had a meeting with the community upstairs.

This meeting reminded me that while my community on Social Media is greatly revered, the love from people all over the world is endearing, and the increased feedback from the lives that this platform positively affects is encouraging, none of this would be possible, if not for my goal of excelling in my real life career. 

You see... there are bills to be paid and clients to be kept happy. And even as I prepare for meetings all-week, I have again reassessed my priorities, and been reminded of the most important thing for me:

Staying on top of my game in my real life career. Being the best that I could ever be.

So you MUST forgive me - and it is a MUST - if I 'disappear' for a while, and/or fail to respond to your messages. Because notwithstanding my acquired social media status (whatever that means), the level of attention my daily life demands has not dropped, and I am yet to discover the secret inheritance my great-grandfather left for me.

(Grandpa had a real knack for hiding things. Sigh.)

But not to worry; I will always be around you somewhere... like that annoying wasp you've been trying to get rid of for 27 summers.

I am just finding my way back to being that law aficionado (from a tight-knit family), with a blog for a hobby... and a thing for cracking chicken bones after munching all of the chicken.

Those are the things which matter to me the most.

(Especially the chicken bones) 😉



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  1. Very true, those are what matters the most.

  2. Very good one Chinelo. Important to re-focus and not allow the buzz and glitz to get in the way of what really matters. Lovely presentation

  3. How did you write all this.... This is so awesome, love this write up how it is presented and well life is more than the glamour and fuzz it takes being wise to understand ways to go about it

  4. Focus. Re-focus. And the need to take a break. That's what I got from this. Thank you.