The Clouds... and the Storm (a very short story)

Saturday, August 25, 2018

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She ran,
As the Clouds chased after her.

There was no beating this.

The more she ran, the more they chased:
The Clouds.

Almost swallowing her, they swooped in on her, with all of their might.
Darkness had taken over.

They strangled the light,

Rapidly suffocating every last ray.

Still, she ran.

But these Clouds..

Gloomy and terrifying.
In all of their horrific glory.

They grimaced in concert, as they closed in on her
To drown her...

And then, she remembered.

She remembered, and stopped.

Stopped dead, in her tracks.

She turned to the clouds, thumped her chest, and roared in their face:


And the clouds... they ran away. 🙄

(The End)

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