Half-time: Blood on the Plateau, Wakanda CABL, and 2018 so far

Wednesday, July 04, 2018


(Warm fuzzy smiles)

I know you missed me boo-boo, I missed you too.

Ah, yes… I am BACK refreshed and all chillaxed. Ready to set the ball rolling.

While I was gone, half-of the year rolled right by, and suddenly, we’re in July. Like… we closed our eyes and opened it, and June was over... right?

We’re halfway through 2018.

(Can you believe that?)

A lot has happened in the (short?) time I have been gone.

Most recent was the string of painful deaths in my country of birth.

Over the course of the weekend before last, about 300 people were murdered in what is turning out to be a dedicated and systematic ethno-religious genocide by a group touted as “Fulani Herdsmen”, in the Plateau State of Nigeria.

Even though this group has also been responsible for strings of deaths in the middle-belt region of the country, with the Global Terrorism Index (2017) warning that the group is becoming deadlier than the terrorist organisation Boko-Haram, the administration of the day has been playing-dead (pun intended) with the deaths, while consistently waving them aside as incidents of mere “communal clashes”.

These murders in Plateau State appear to be the last straw, finally waking the world, and the Nigerian people, to the reality of the ongoing madness, and the government’s complacency to or complicity in these sustained attacks.

This is even as parents and children are torn apart from each other in “more-developed” parts of the world, specifically the United States, in a twisted bid to abate the immigration of people fleeing to the US, and away from death and torture in their own countries.

This world is steadily turning into a scary place.


But 2018 so far has not been all unhappy events.

Our favourite feminist (and on-screen attorney) – Meghan Markle - got her own royal wedding, shattering a lot of stereotypes in its wake.


And for me, my article on “Why we love Black Panther” got featured on the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers’ (CABL) periodical magazine.


Someone jokingly asked me how much money I made from the feature.

El Oh El.

Remember when I said there are things FAR more important than raw cash? (Like positive exposure)

CABL is recognized as the overall association for lawyers of African descent in Canada. At the very least, I can always “raise shoulder” for my future kids that my blog got featured on their magazine, in ‘my time’.

(Momma was lit!)

On a serious note, it may seem like nothing to someone else. But remembering my roots as that doe-eyed girl, who first stepped on the shores of this beautiful country years ago, on the strength of just a scholarship, 300 dollars to my name, and zero readiness for the roller-coaster my life would turn out to be, this was everything.

Asides the CABL feature, I was very busy while I was away; I wrapped up my exams last month, travelled for bit (I hope to travel some more), and found that zen I was looking for.

(I would recommend some time off to anyone; any day, any time)

Sadly, I packed on some pounds in the course of my travel (by no fault of mine, I promise!) 

You see... I would wear my trainers to take a jog around the block, then remember I was in the US (of) A.

And still Black.

As I was not keen on becoming another unsolved hashtag, I hugged my (black) fat tight to my skin… until I crossed the border back home.

(As the Holy Book says, “wisdom is profitable to the wise”)

Enough about me, let’s turn the light on you!

Remember all those solemn speeches you gave yourself at the beginning of the year, in front of the mirror, with only your cat as your audience?

About how you were going to take over the world, and accomplish the unprecedented in 2018?

Well, it’s halfway through the year.

Where are you on your goals???

Now is a perfect time to take stock of your resolutions and goals for the year; how far you have gone in achieving them, what obstacles you encountered along the way, and what you need to do to surmount the obstacles.  

Just so you know, if you have a chunk of your ‘crazy’ dreams for the year still not crossed out, you are not alone. In my case, even though I have slayed a great part of my goals for 2018 (while waiting for the fruits of my hardwork), I have not touched my biggest goal yet:

To write my very first book.

So it is alright, if you have not achieved as much as you thought you should have.

The important thing is that you do not stop. Keep pushing yourself, keep pressing forward, and focus on making the best of the rest of the year.

Like the Nigerian Super-Eagles at the FIFA 2018 World-Cup, even if you do not go as far as you intend, put in your best effort, and make your presence be felt.

So hold my hand… as we continue to sprint with our goals for the year, and slay through the rest of 2018.

I’ll be cheering you on.



P.s: It feels good to be back!

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Photo-Credits (In order of appearance)
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