Do It Afraid (by Onyinye Ginikanwa)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fear is such a potent illusion. It blinds you to your abilities - especially to your one ability to overcome it.

But that is all it is: a mere illusion.

Yet, the illusion which Fear projects could be so potent that that it makes you insecure, and question everything you (think you) know.

In the past, fear had crippled me. Literally.

I remember growing up not being able to face the world. After I discovered I had a gift for music, I could not sing; not even to my family members and friends, people you would expect I would be most comfortable with.

For the longest time ever, I was afraid that they would LIKE it; that people would genuinely love my voice.

(It should have been the opposite, right?)

Fear was the reason I didn't realize how much strength I had, and how incredible I was in being strong for other people undergoing challenges, so that I kept falling under the weight of my own challenges without putting up a fight.

Fear made me stall in the pursuit of my dreams, often forcing me to seek easy ways out of obstacles. And I remember being so afraid of standing up for myself because I thought being "at peace" with everyone was the answer to setting myself free from what others thought of me.

Heck! I couldn't even sleep at night with the lights off, because I was so afraid of the dark. That was how much power Fear held over me.

Being a victim of fear is like living in a haunted house; there is no resting place and every door seems to lead to something more frightening. It is as though there is an unseen bogeyman waiting to pounce on you for daring to actualise your dreams.
Thankfully, I learned to overcome my fears, and began living rather than merely existing. How did I survive this mortal fear of Fear?

I can only attribute it to courage, to hope, to a strong will and to the ever flowing grace of God.

I realised that if I rose above my fears I would not only strive to make the most in my life, but could use my voice to encourage others (at every given opportunity) to make the most of their lives. And in retrospect, it gives me such great happiness to be in a much better place than I ever was.

It is not as if the Fear just went away of its own accord; I just acted despite the existence of Fear.

I constantly remember a quote attributed to Mark Twain, that “courage is not the absence of fear; it is acting inspite of it”.

(Quite similar to the charge given to Joshua in the holy book: Be Courageous)

So whenever fear knocks on the door of your great mind, do not let it in. But if it finds its way through, let your courage be greater than the Fear you feel in achieving your greatest potential.

Do it afraid.


 Onyinye is a singer-songwriter, with a powerful voice. She is also a fitness enthusiast, and a noodles-and-chicken aficionado.

 She has released a song titled “Home”, has done a cover of Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons”, and occasionally writes on her blog

We patiently await her debut EP.

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful piece. What a good way to start the day! Gratias!

  2. Awesome write up....onyinye, i have listened to yoy sing, the power in your voice is so magical than you could imagine.... Please, never stop singing. God bless you.

  3. "Fear is only as deep as the mind allows"... thanks for this piece Ginika