Celebrating Leah

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

On February 19 2018, the religious terror group Boko Haram kidnapped about 110 young school girls from Dapchi Government Girls Technical College, Yobe State, Nigeria.

105 girls were set free on March 21 2018, four girls were said to have died in custody. One girl was purposely held back. Her crime: she refused to denounce her chosen faith.

Leah Sharibu.

She may have been held back... but she IS a (s)hero, and a beacon of light for every young woman, who holds strong to their deepest convictions. Even in the face of the scariest adversities.

(Reminiscent of Malala)

Monday was the 13th of May. On Monday, Leah turned 15.

In saner circumstances, she would have celebrated her birthday in the quiet of her home. With her family and loved ones.

But there is nothing sane about this mad world we live in. Where human lives are used as chess pawns, to religious and political ends.

So instead... she is celebrated by us all. And the world knows her name:


Happy Birthday Leah.

We celebrate you. Not just on your birthday. But today, tomorrow, and everyday.

Until you return.

And we hold steadfast in faith; that we soon shall see you smile in serendipitous wonder, that the world knows your name for the strength you symbolise.



Meg  We all, rooting for you.

Photo Credit: www.nigerianmonitor.com

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  1. I love you Chinelo for this and all that you represent.. Keep shining

  2. A s(hero) indeed. I join in celebrating you. May she return safely

  3. I don't think my faith in Christianity is as strong as hers. She's a perfect example of what every Christian should be like. I join you in celebrating her today and I hope she makes it back home safe and in time.

  4. I pray for Leah's safe return home. Nice one dear. I always look forward to your posts.