Scared of the 30s?? You should read This!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

There is a certain sense of (subconscious) panic that creeps up on one, when approaching thirty.

(Been there. Done that)

This is especially in a society, where one is expected to be happily married with 27 grandchildren, a 'successful' 8-figure job, a yatch and seven duplexes. All before thirty.

The pressure is cray-cray.

I remember that as I approached the '30s' milestone, I almost passed out every time I thought of substituting '2' with '3'.

For me, thirty-something-year-olds seemed rather ancient. (Forty-somethings were just waiting to croak, and everything after that, I considered as part of my ancestral lineage)

Now... I wonder how I survived the confusion and awkwardness of being a twenty-something(er).

The good thing about the thirties is that you become more comfortable in your own skin.

From when you cross that milestone, you quite suddenly realise that there is not enough time to wonder what the world thinks, before taking leaps.

Remember all the drama of the early to mid-twenties? You can now leverage on the lessons learnt in choosing your associations, and deciding what activities are more beneficial to you.

In your thirties, you learn to take responsibility for your decisions and own your actions without the need to find someone else to blame.

And when you need to cry... you cry all you want. Then laugh at yourself, and remember that unnecessary drama is for the twenties.

As a ‘30-something(er)’, you're (likely to be) better positioned to make more exciting career choices. You would have garnered the years of experience some kinds of roles require, and possess the maturity to avoid mistakes you may have made in younger roles.

You're also likely to have gotten an idea of a particular area of interest, for careers that are more specialized.

On the dating scene, by the time you are thirty, you are more aware of your 'type', if you have a type.

You're also better at making and holding conversations. Gone are the awkward tongue-tied days, when all your eyes could look at were the assets staring you in the face.

(All pun intended)

You are also at that place where both your seniors and contemporaries (and even the 20-somethiners) are all in awe of you. 😉

The world is really your oyster.

In your thirties, you begin to realise that nothing is that deep, and If it did not kill you siiiiince, who born am well to kill you now??

You become calmer... and take decisions more rationally.

So if you have been panicking because you are approaching thirty... just relax already!

Even if you haven't achieved all you thought you would have, 30 is a good place to start.

At least, you're alive and breathing.

That is all the push you need.

And if you have younger ones struggling with getting to the thirties, you should totally forward this post to them! 😊



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  1. i was so excited to turn 30. why am i weird biko??

    1. Lol!! You were more ready for adult living than some of us. I was really sad 9n my 30th birthday. But by 31... gurrrrrl!!! I was loving the thirty-something feel. I love the thirties!

  2. I am twenty-something😁 and will be thirty in few years to come... But!the way my body is doing me at the thought of turning 30 is kinda awkward.. Like 30 is a taboo.. Lolz

    Thanks Meg, for this post.

    1. Haha!! Don't worry, you'll LOOOOOVE the thirties. Trust me on this.

  3. When I turned 17 , I thought OMG what have I done with my life , I am complete failure ��... now I am going to be 30 in a month .. imagine the pressure I put on myself , oh well hope it is as good as you say , thanks for this post

    1. It will be, absolutely! Just leverage on the lessons and the experiences from the twenties. You'll see.

  4. Oh yea! The big THIRTY😍Nice one

  5. I hope when July comes and I embrace 30 fully, I hope I find this calmness you're talking about. because me I'm all over the place now o. myself dey tire me sef

    1. Lol!! You'll be fine... you'll see. Just leverage on the lessons from your twenties.

  6. Live your best life. Forget the pressure. Set goals. Achieve goals. Care less about what people say and never compare yourself to anyone. 30 or not. That's my motto.