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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

 Happy New Year! (We made it… yaaay!)

How were the holidays?? Hope you heeded my advice and took at least one day off to rest from all the festivities.

I know! The holidays seemed like they would stretch on foreeeeeeeeever. And next thing… boom! It was over.

*crying face*

That in itself is all the motivation we need for 2018: that nothing last forever.

Because at this moment, 2018 seems so long, and December 31 looks like a century away… right??


With just a little tarrying and idling about, you’ll wake up suddenly realizing that this year has also whizzed past rather fast, without you achieving one-third of what you hoped you would.

We have no time for “New Year, New Resolutions” that we all know will be broken, and the rest of the ‘how-to-make-it-through-the-New-Year’ yada-yada sing-songs we’re used to forgetting before January 31.

Perhaps, like me, you have unfinished projects from 2017. Get on them immediately and set your mind to finishing them within the first quarter of 2018 (or so soon thereafter), even as you also tackle other immediate goals that may arise in this New Year.

And if you completed your set goals for 2017… good for you!

Whatever the case may be, hit the ground running already. Arrange your goals according to priority in importance and urgency, and get moving.

That’s all the ‘pep talk’ we will be getting for dealing with the New Year.

May we all excel through the 2018… and I’ll be seeing you around.



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