Walking on (unfrozen) water: The secret lives of the very famous

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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Rap and I, we both have always had a love-hate relationship.

The thing is that I appreciate this music genre for its ability to enable the raw expressions of emotions, best captured in the bars being created. Artists like Lauryn Hill create such beautiful music through Rap, that one cannot help but be captivated.

However, I have also cringed at the depiction of rap music as pseudo-violent, with excessive swearing, name-calling and flat out insults hurled around, as ‘art’.

I guess that this could be considered as some form of ‘artistry’ and is indeed the drawing force for other people. For me however, this side of rap scares the whole of my soul.

(Like listening to it, my hands would just rise and start punching my face in solidarity with the ‘anger’ of the lyrics)

Growing up, no one better represented this side of rap for me than Eminem.

In my adolescent years, he was more or less the face of rap music itself. Which to me, was a really scary face.

When he was not cursing out everyone’s wives and daughters with his lyrics, he was picking unnecessary fights with other artists, and hurling invectives at them in his lyrics.

Yet, he kept topping the charts, and selling out his albums.

Granted, he is a hugely talented artist, who also told real stories with his music.

But asides “Thank you” (with Dido) and “Love the way you lie” (with Rihanna), I would usually pass over any of Eminem’s songs.

(My tight braids give me enough headaches already. I cannot add violent music to the mix)

Recently however, I have noticed a subtle shift in Eminem’s style of music.

In his more recent songs, there is a subtle shift in his style. He takes on societal issues, and weaves them into his verses. In his song “Revival”, released 15 October 2017 (which also shares the same name with the album in which it is featured), Eminem fearlessly tackles the rising racism in the United States, and the sacrifice of Kaepernick as a scape-goat, under the guise of “patriotism”.

The power of “Revival” is nothing however compared to the magic of “Walk on Water”, also a part of the “Revival” album, and in which song he features Beyonce Knowles.


For starters, (while there were droplets here and there of invectives) Eminem’s voice now is waaaaaaay calmer than the younger versions of his music. It is as though he has matured through the expression of his voice, and the words of his verses are quite audible enough to understand the message they embody.

And then… Beyonce is GOLD.

Having her on any piece of art is great guarantee that its reach would be wide. And it IS Beyonce; she has established a level of excellence quite unparalleled with by the majority of her contemporaries. Her vocals on “Walk on Water’ was no exception.

The musical arrangement is also easier; spitting bars in three verses, generously interspersed with Beyonce’s vocals in the chorus, which makes it more easily appealable.

Beyond the lyrical representation and musical arrangement however is the content of the song. Its verses reiterate a very powerful message:  all man IS yet man.

In this day and age of social media, where “following” famous folks is the norm, we humans invariably catapult the objects of our “followership’ into god status; hanging on their every word, aiming to emulate the seemingly extraordinary lives they live and (literally) believing that they walk on water.

This song does well to demystify the (human-created) mystery around public-figures, in explaining that they are as subject to the frailty of human nature as the next individual.

Beyonce sings “I walk on water, but I’m no Jesus. I only walk on water when it’s frozen

Eminem raps “God’s given me all this, still I feel no different regardless… if only they knew it’s a façade and exhausting”.

The deep message in this song is that while public figures live in the spotlight, the rest of us ‘normal’ people need not live our lives by holding our standards out to what they depict.

Their seemingly extraordinary lives are only livable, by virtue of the resources they have. And their lives ARE far from perfect.

These stars are not as ‘supernatural’ as they are made out to seem. It’s the buzz, which has to be created, for them to maintain their stardom status that keeps all the ‘razzmatazz’ in our faces. But this does not make them any different from the human next door.

Yes, the most of them have had to work their way to the top, which if you worked as they did, you could also reach your own top; whatever “top” may signify for you.

This song’s reference to the artist being able to walk on water only when it is frozen signifies the reality however that they are able to live the life they seem to live, only by virtue of the advantage they have. This life however is nothing to envy, if you knew the struggles they dealt with behind scenes to maintain it.

In your case, you could live the life you wanted using the particular skills or advantages at your disposal.

But to crave Beyonce’s ability to go back to a size 0.5 barely two weeks after birthing twins is being quite unrealistic, except you are able to hire a dozen nannies as she did, and have an inbuilt gym in your mansion, with Dr. Ray of 90210 at your beck and call.

That is the message of this song, “Walk on Water”.

Public figures can only play to the gallery by virtue of the positions they occupy, or what they portray. But they are just as human as the person next door.

So that even as we daily “follow” people, we should consciously remember that they are as human as us, can make mistakes just like us, and ultimately, we should be guided by our own inner convictions rather than merely hang on the words of other mortals.

Because like the song rightly preaches, it is only Jesus that can walk on unfrozen water.



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  1. Me I'm just surprised you listen to rap music sometimes. I was thinking you'd be a SIA, John Legend kinda person but it's Eminem. His Revival album is dope, alot of folks still sleeping on it and want the old Em back but shii be late. I love this new matured Em.

    1. Lol... little did you know. I have my moments with rap. And yes.. Sia and John Legend are my people. :)