Vegas, Benue… and the Weinstein in every corridor of power

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

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I heard y’all missed me…

Remember that day-job I spoke about?? The one that’s supposed to help me buy a yacht, while I wait for lightning to strike the second time, so I can hamma  my Banana Island billions from here?

I took some time off to feed it; the day job.

And I hear a lot of interesting, but… well… rather 'unsurprising' events happened during my ‘hibernation’.

For starters, I heard about Las Vegas, and what is now considered as the worst mass shooting in American history.

Question: what is surprising about a mass shooting, in a place people are allowed to roam about freely and without control, with weapons of mass shootings?


I get that I am not American, and it should not be my business.

But (as the General Overseer of the Aproko Ministry Inc. Worldwide) you know how the United States of America is up in everyone else’s face all the time, being the world’s big brother and policeman rolled into one, yet, cannot fix the bull droppings right in its own front yard?

(In local Yoruba parlance, we call those kinds of big brothers “Agbaya”)

The weirdest response I have heard to calls for stricter gun regulations in the USA is that “people kill people. Guns do not kill people”.

(*rolling my big eyes*)

Why are certain drugs which are capable of causing harm or death controlled? After all, it is humans who will keep injecting themselves with the drugs leading to death, not drugs injecting themselves in humans.

But drugs are controlled, based on the understanding of human nature that humans have the penchant to abuse whatever they are provided unbridled access to, even where such objects are capable of causing harm or leading to death.

So, while it is saddening and painful, it is not surprising that another mass murder has taken place in the USA. Just like it will still not be surprising if yet another occurs.

Because until the United States calls a spade a spade (and not “a metallic instrument, applied to varying purposes depending on the intent of the user and the outcome of its use”) these unfortunate events are bound to continue.

What this shows however is that ‘first world’ countries are not so different from their ‘third world’ counterparts after all. In both cases, unless the people who majorly wield power are affected personally, a ‘problem’ does not qualify as a problem.

Just like Nigeria, and its ‘Fulani Herdsmen’. And their sustained killings.

We may be sad. Angry even. But we are not surprised anymore.

At least, I am not surprised.

Or are you surprised, still?

For it has become “normal”; the recurring murders. Unbridled by the Nigerian government, who would waive the killings off as “normal communal clashes”.

Or, as in the most recent occurrence in Benue State, have the Presidency totally keep mum about it. Like nothing happened, and no lives were lost.

Remember:  it does not qualify as a problem, if it does not affect the ones with the power.

And while silence is sometimes seen as a symbol of strength, continued silence regarding the killings meted by the herdsmen in various communities of Nigeria communicates tacit acquiescence and inherent approval by the government.

But, even this is no more surprising.

Perhaps, the most unsurprising event(s) which transpired during my hibernation were the series of revelations of abuse by media mogul Harvey Weinstein, leading to his downfall, his denigration by society and his removal as Co-Chairman of the Weinstein Company.

You see, we talked about this in the two posts which featured “Uncle Lecturer”; of people who wield positions of power; of how this is sardonically accepted as a rite of passage, and a rather twisted feature of society as a that these people be allowed to take advantage of the persons over who they wield their authority.

At the workplace. In schools. At hospitals. In places of worship. At home.

Especially at home.

It is almost a ‘constant’ – a “K”, as we were taught in high school mathematics – that there is an ‘Uncle Lecturer’ or a Weinstein lurking in almost every corridor of power. The thing is that they have not been ratted out (yet), whereas the majority of the people dropping their jaws in feigned surprise at trickles of revelations are well aware of the reprehensible conduct of these superiors, but choose to adopt the Bartimeus approach.  

Over time, it had become almost normal, for subordinates to experience some harassment or the other from ‘powerful’ superiors. Victims are usually threatened into silence with loss of some pecuniary or other interest.

But there is nothing normal about being taken advantage of by persons who are fortunate enough to occupy a higher rung of the ladder of life.

Which makes it refreshing that Pandora’s box is being broken, and people are speaking out more. Thankfully, some of the victims in Weinstein’s case (like Angelina Jolie) have become people whom society takes serious enough to listen to.

Weinstein’s waterloo appears to have had some domino effect, as more revelations of past abuse and harassment are popping up, from people all over the world, speaking out regarding the various forms of abuse and harassment they faced, in the course of their careers.

Kaya Jones, formerly of the Pussy Cat Dolls. Anthony Rapp. And now, the allegations of sexual exploitation in Oxfam.

At this rate, it is (perhaps) time to start having conversations with one’s spouse, like “Baby… can you kindly share with me your list of people you took advantage of back in the day?”, so that one is prepared for the day of reckoning.  

If there is anything to learn from Weinstein’s downfall, and these revelations of past (actual or attempted) harassment, it is that one should never use their position to take advantage of others; not even a person perceived as a ‘nobody’. Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd were once perceived as ‘nobodies’.

Always remember, life is transient.

Nothing lasts forever; not even the lid on Pandora’s box.



P.s:  I totally missed you too.

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  1. Worth the wait as always!

    Nice one Meg! Keep it up and may your writing ink never run dry!

  2. As for the gun control, Americans are not ready. When they are ready we'd know.

    And for Weinstein and Kaya Jones, alot of people are going through things that they never talk about but eventually overtime when they have the courage they always speak out which is what played out there. It's a very big problem.