Scoring milestones: The 100th Post

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"When I was a child, my father seized every opportunity he could find to emphasise the importance of keeping one's self gainfully busy. His favourite phrase seemed to be 'an idle mind is the devil's workshop'"

This was the opening paragraph to the very first post on this blog.

That was four years ago. Since then, various other posts have been published, leading up to this one you read: the 100th post.


You may probably wonder about the fanfare for a “common” 100th post …  and whether when the 1000th post is scored, the crown of her majesty the Queen of England will be collected in avid celebration.

(Looking you bad ‘side-eye’)

Let me confess… I was not one of those really “bloggy-savvy” folks, who began writing on a blog, with the intent and vision to build a mansion, and own a cruise-boat from its proceeds.

(Not like it is a bad thing. Just that Aunty Linny has collected all the money from blogging within the e-shores of Nigeria)

I had suddenly found myself with a great amount of free time, and turned to the one thing I had always enjoyed from childhood, but had neglected in the course of metamorphosing into adulthood:


So (like all things great), I started small. Penning sporadic posts here and there whenever I felt like, and having trickles of readership…

(Someone reading the immediate preceding sentence would conclude that I have now hammered, and this site constantly crashes under the weight of the gargantuan traffic)

El Oh El!

I still get the ‘trickles’, sometimes. Most other times however, the traffic is largely encouraging, and the once ‘small’ project to keep the mind off-shelf as the devil’s workshop has blossomed into something genuinely beautiful.  I look upon its face from time to time, like a human offspring.

And smile. 😊

In the time between that very first post and this post, we have: considered how to clog the wheels of age, ‘oohd’’ and ‘ahhd’’ over Adele’s inarguable reign as a pop star, annoyed misogynists with equality-craving rants, shown the evil that boarding schools sometimes proliferate in the name of discipline, fought with the Nigerian government (severally), mourned the death of Taiwo and the horror of depression, laughed/cried over Bima’s various hustles to climb over the walls of the Nigerian border, struggled with twisted interpretations of religions and culture for selfish purposes, cursed domestic violence, threatened that the world will end if Mr. Trump won the 2016 United States General Elections, fought with the Nigerian Government (some more), and  unabashedly gossiped about the lives of the rich and famous.

Irrespective of the subject-matter, there is (almost) always an angle explored; a lesson learnt.

(Some posts are just largely amebo. Like this post)

In the time since the first post, writing on this platform stopped being an item of levity for me, and metamorphosed into a genuine passion; opening the windows of my mind to horizons I never dreamt of, and showing me doors I doubt I would have otherwise had access to.

There were are the days that I have been more than tempted to shut it all down, and walk away.  Pretend it never existed. And go right back to oblivious existence.

Sometimes, due to personal pressure. Other times: just because.

But I remember getting inspiring personal messages, from followers/readers, looking forward to my next post, and sharing how the blog has helped them in some way or the other.

For this, I am happy.

The most beautiful thing however is that since that very first post, I have found my voice; and I like its sound to the ears in my head.

I have settled into my (writing) skin.

What is more?

This has transcended virtual reality, and become an asset even in the real world. Writing has helped provide that innate assuredness and calm, needed to provide succor and comfort amidst the craziness of this mad, mad world.  

And it is for this, that I celebrate the 100th post.

(Now you see?)

But I have not walked this path alone; behind the scenes is a merry little bunch of an AMAZING team, who together, continue to make this happen.

And then, there YOU are! Sliding in constantly, drinking-in each post, dropping comments, and following the community upstairs.

For you, I am thankful also.

This celebration is not mine alone. It is for you and I. It is for us all.

(Today ought to have been declared a Public Holiday shaaa..)

So just walk into any wine-shop closest to you, order the most expensive champagne in there, inform them that “Hey… it’s MMBM’s 100th post today!”, pop the cork, swig 20 gulps off the bottle, and simply walk away.

Bottle in hand. Other hand on waist.

Please don’t come back to narrate how hard you were beaten, for not making payment.

Cheers!! 😉


P.s.: Would you like to gift us with a 100th post present? Simply click on the Follow and G+ buttons.


Photo Credits (in order of appearance) (Photo by Lauren Brown) (Photo by Matthieu Joannon)

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  1. Off to get my own drink!!!! And if I'm stopped, I will simply say: gerrarrahia mehn!!*hope it works*?
    100th post? You go girl!! That description of Bima however?????

  2. Congrats big sis. I have called my village people for celebration on your head o. Cheers to more reading.

  3. Incredible!!! *Hitting the high road*...please where are all the wine shops? can't seem to find any for now. But girlie! I must definitely pop something on ya behalf! *Hugs & kisses*

  4. Incredible!!!
    Cngrts Dearie.
    Keep going, we gotcha...

  5. We'd be here when you'd publish the 1000th post. May your inspiration never run dry. Sometimes, I just imagine if you never have writers' block, how you come up with this articles and blog post. God bless you for us. Your number 1 fan.

    1. Lol... thank you o!! It comes once in a while. But my village people are stronger than their own. :)