New endings... New Adventures

Friday, September 08, 2017

This week is my last week at my current 9ine-to-5ive.

Your first thought (?): “She got fired!”

El-oh-El. No... she did not.

Your next thought: "Great! She got a higher-paying gig".


Sometimes, you leave the hustle and bustle of daily ndoli-ndoli to just laze about in the hot Nigerian sun... and kill mosquitoes at night.

Or you may leave to focus on being pregnant, and having a baby.

No... I'm not preggers. Not like being pregnant is a bad thing, especially not because...

Wait.. how did we get here?

(Rewind: Stop)

This week is my last week at work.

Other than the last minute craze of tidying stuff that I thought I had a lifetime to finish… I got away with a lot of things.

Like ‘tapping’ my colleagues’ milk; I’d just look up with puppy eyes and echo my well-rehearsed chant of "This is my last week", and I get off with a grudging ‘ok’.

(*Insert smug smile*)

I also spent a good part of the week taking random selfies with my soon-to-be-former colleagues.... sneaking in on them in their most unsuspecting moments. And snap-snapping away.

(*Insert evil laughter*) 

Asides the fun of it... I've also been pretty introspective. I’ve caught myself tearing up once in a while. Not that it's been perfect all the way…

Nothing is perfect.

It's the realisation that I've spent the better part of my (being awake) days, of the past couple of years with these people. And one day, it'll all change.

(*Insert Igbo-girl crying face*)

The transience of life is glaring and overwhelming, all at once. 😖

Is it not amazing how we spend our lifetime trying to amass wealth and create an image of who we are for something that is not everlasting?

If I have learnt nothing, I have learnt this week, that everything ends.


So just stop every once in a while. Smell the roses. Take in the moment... wherever that may be.

Conflicts are bound to come. Do not let it stretch out longer than it should.

There's no shame in saying I'm sorry first. There's no medal for dropping a grudge last.

Remember... good or bad, nothing lasts forever.

Live and let live. Life is for the living... so LIVE.

Got your glass of palm-wine? Here's to new endings... and new adventures:

Clink! 😉


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  1. This one is mug of palmy.....i shall tear-up too!!

    1. Lol... please don't make my tears to tear. :)

  2. Enter your comment...And you still didn't say why its your last week at work..I'm patiently waiting to hear it

    1. Let's just assume I won the contract as the new exterminator for Presidential rats at the villa.. does that work??

  3. Awwww..... More adventures ahead

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Cheers to new ventures ⌛⏳⏳! Greater the risk,greater the return. It's well,the Lord is with you. Your plans shall come to fruition.

  6. Cheers to a better job, better future and better life

  7. Will surely miss you dear. Cheers!!!!

  8. All the best in your new adventure