About sorry decisions: What to do with your (totally expected) knock-off.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

I purchased a fake product recently. And I totally deserved it.


There is this concealer I am pathologically addicted to. (I was not paid for marketing... so I will not say the brand's name).

My supply finished a while back. I had been using another brand, but it just was not 'popping' my cheekbones well enough.

(The lengths we go… )

I had checked all my regular cosmetics retailers, and even looked online. I got the same news everywhere: It was not available in the market.

So over the weekend, while making my hair - which by the way, is now discomforting, because the silly Harmattan ran away - this aunty bounces in, selling all sorts of 'make-up'.

(What you would call a ‘mobile’ vendor)

Out of curiosity... I asked if she had my favoured brand of concealer.

"Ah yes... I get am; big size, small size and medium".

(Huh? I knew this thing to come in just one size)

She hands me the 'medium'. The seal looked quite different from what I was used to purchasing.

I knew this HAD to be fake.

Maybe it was the need for instant gratification, or just plain being Nigerian, and 'hoping' unrealistically - forgetting that it is water God uses to make wine, not pee.

So I took it anyway. Believing for the best. (Whatever on earth that means)

What I bought lived up to expectations: it was a horrid mixture of Silver Rose and Nixoderm.


Not that any of those are bad products in themselves. But they are effective for clearing acne... not for applying make-up.

I threw it away instantly. My Silver Rose/Nixoderm concealer-wannabe.

I threw it away. And came to terms with my loss of money… and diminished good sense.


Moral: Sometimes, we decide to settle for less. In relationships. In our Career. At the market. In buying cars.

We are well aware that what we settle for is either not what we want, or is an adulterated version (or 'wannabe') of same. But we take it anyway.

Just because.

Or... maybe we've run out patience. Maybe just to fulfill righteousness. And/or because we eventually cave into the pressure.

And then... the Nigerian in us begins to hope against hope that we were not scammed. (Like the MMMers).

We hope, and pray, and 'believe' that our wrong investment turns out 'right', praying for help from above. Sadly... God is a miracle-worker, not a magician.

The situation was not helpless: you/I walked right in without a gun to your/my head. It is not like Cancer that just appears. Uninvited.

Just like the sting with which the smell of that 'concealer' hit me, we are hit with the outcome of the need for premature gratification. The "after-reggae-blues" sets in. Reality knocks at the door, and waltzes right in without a 'welcome'.

So if/when you decide to settle for fake, fully aware of the product's quality - or lack of any thereof - be prepared to deal with it. You know that singular decision you took to settle?? It is your decision to deal as well. Do not seek validation from the world. Do not seek permission either, or confirmation of what you know is the truth. You will not find it.  Deal with your mess.

Remember: the world does not care. No, not really.

But you are not alone in your woes. Everyone has their fair share.

If you decide to stay put, suit yourself. Live with your knock-off, and plop yourself smack in the centre of fate's right palm.

But when you tire of 'managing' your fake product, be like me and give yourself peace of mind:

Throw the ugly concealer-wannabe away.

And move on.



P.s. Happy International Women's Day to all Women

And to all the phenomenal men who genuinely support the women in their lives: Thank You!

Photocredits: Tonto Dikeh

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  1. Good read...tnx

    1. Thank you Ann... happy you liked it. You should follow us.

  2. Mummy i had this same experience o! Lessons learned! Am always inspired reading from your busy mind��

    1. Awww... bless! Thank you.

      The thing about experiences is that you come out stronger, and can help someone else with the knowledge gained.


  3. And you had to sub MMMers...lol.. leave us alone, we were not scammed. We are getting our money little by little *inserts crying smiley*.... but for really though, life is about risk. You never really know wheather some decisions you want to take would pay off or not, so we live and learn.