The 'twenties' vs. the 'thirties': where would you rather be??

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Let's talk age today.

I saw this meme on a social media platform:

I guess it's supposed to be a 'funny' meme. (Maybe not??)

Anyway, it got me wondering whether being in my twenties really had more advantage than being in my thirties.

The one thing I surely (and sorely!) miss about the 'twenty-somethings' was being able to eat a pregnant whale at any time of the day, and watch the calories melt at their accord, without as much as twenty minutes at the gym. Unlike the thirties, where I subject myself to only grass and fat-free everything, yet, seem to pack on the pounds from just drinking water and inhaling air.


Asides the foregoing I think the 'thirties' is a pretty cool place. I would not give a coin to go back to the twenties, and can easily identify six things particularly not to miss about the twenties.

1. The fear of the unknown/the confusion of it all
Just out of school, you wonder at every turn, what the future holds. Every corner holds its own uncertainty; from the uncertainty of ever finding a job, to the fear of things turning out alright.

As the years pass by, things begin to fall into place. You (finally!) get a job... or at the very least, start a small enterprise, which helps keep body and soul together. You begin to become a little less unsure of yourself, and gradually, your goals begin to take more definite shape. By the time you hit the thirties, it is not as though all your uncertainties may have magically melted away. But you have sort of come into your own, and by now, understand that the uncertainties will not drown you. The unknown is nothing to be afraid of. If anything, there is a certain excitement in looking forward to conquering each day, with its own excitement.

2. The grind of ‘working hard' (vs. the ease ‘living smart’)
You probably heard all your life how the only way to be successful is by working hard. So you sow in countless (unnecessary) late-nights, scuttling from one city to the other chasing your daily bread, yet, the hours never seem adequate. It appears as though the harder you work, the broker you become. No matter what you do, the bills keep and you would require 48 hours to achieve a day’s job.

in your thirties, you are however likely to have grappled (consciously or subconsciously) with the art of working and living 'smart'. You would have imbibed better time management, and are likely to be more financially prudent; prioritizing competing engagements, and utilizing your 24 hour day to achieve a week-long job. Experience would also have taught you that no matter how many boxes of shoes you have, there will always be that one shoe you'll be tempted to buy when you go online. Conscious budgeting would have become a way of life, and you’re more likely now to be disciplined enough to avoid unnecessary unplanned spending.

3. The drama
The one word which best describes being in your twenties is "drama". 

There is always someone around you (if not you) whose boyfriend is getting 'snatched' (as if a human being is a bag that can be 'stolen'). There is best-friend drama, parents’ drama, room-mate drama, colleague drama. Even when the drama is not yours, you find yourself smack in the middle of some drama, with no idea of how you got in, and how you’d get out.

The awesome thing about being in your thirties is that not only will the unnecessary drama have reduced considerably, you now realize that even when you find yourself in the middle of some drama, you can consciously (literally) drop it all, and walk away. You become less a magnet for drama, as most of your peers will be settling down as well, so that just like you everyone is being more focused on the more important things of life; sans the drama.

4. Wondering what others think
The twenties is all about impressing everyone, but yourself. Your hair, your clothes, your shoes, your style in general. There is always some new trend to conform to, the latest vain object to ensure is seen in your possession.

Once you settle into the thirties however, it becomes less about what others think, and more about what makes you happy. Whether it’s wearing traditional attire with canvas, or getting your groceries without a spot of make-up done. You really cannot be bothered. You finally come to the realization that: Your life is YOURS.

5. The ‘fun’
As a twenty-something, there was almost always one ‘turn-up’ or the other to attend to every weekend. Some friend of a friend has a party, or a hang-out organized. You spend money to get new clothes, spend money to fuel your car (or hire a taxi), and spend money at the event itself. In a flash, the weekend you looked forward to is over, without you having truly rested. So you resume work on Monday, grumpy and less-wealthy…

And the cycle goes on.

In your thirties, ‘fun’ on a long weekend is basically = “Netflix and chill”.

Your perfect weekend or holiday will be sprawling on your favourite couch (with or without your ‘beau’ or ‘bae’), with a huge bowl of fish biscuits, two glasses of wine, and re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy. You would have also gained the super-power of saying 'No' without caving in to emotional blackmail, so that you can pick and choose which hang-outs to go for, how much money to spend, and whether it is worth wearing new clothes for.

There is no pressure.

The foregoing are some things I absolutely do not miss about the twenties. Heck! I do not miss the twenties at all.

So don’t let these memes scare you. Age is an advantage, not a curse. Glide into the thirties, and soar.




P.s. If you are in your thirties, you are less likely to be a side anything, as your love interest would have either ended up with you, or you’re old enough to figure out it is never happening, and have acquired the good sense to move on.

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  1. "Unlike the thirties, where I subject myself to only grass and fat-free everything, yet, seem to pack on the pounds from just drinking water and inhaling air."


    When did drinking water and inhaling air start making someone fat? LOOL

    How these random things come into your head is what I can't fathom.

    29 in a few days but your list of 5 is basically the life already now for me.

    "Age is just a number"

    Plenty love from here, ma'ma Schinnel.

  2. the few things I enjoy about my 20's was the perfect figure 8 vs the present figure ???. lest I forget that it was nice having less responsibilities then.

    1. Walahi though!!! Although, for me, responsibilities are pretty same.