What is your 'CRAZY'?

Monday, February 01, 2016

Road rage?
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Everybody has a little ‘crazy’. Something that makes them act of the ordinary and behave unexpectedly. The crazy manifests from time to time.
Road rage is an example of the crazy.
Well-suited men. Well made-up ladies. When road rage creeps up on you, decorum flies out of the window.
Road rage is a regular occurrence on the roads of Lagos.
But that is not the kind of ‘crazy’ this post is concerned with.
So a friend of mine recently left a comfortable job. An apparently ‘okay’ position. Good work-life balance. Job Security. No boss(es) from hell.
My friend just ‘upped’ and left.
My friend has a lot of ambitions and exciting interests which my friend feels it is time to face and explore. Even in the face of the risk of no steady income in the near future. Even with the scary economic situation. Even with the attendant risks of being a venture capitalist.
My friend shared the plans with me, and thought perhaps, these plans were a bit too idealistic.
I did not think so.
I thought the plans were crazy. But a good kind of crazy.

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It is this ‘crazy’ this post is about. The kind of crazy that has changed this world.  
Steve Jobs had that ‘crazy’. So did Rosa Parks.
Mandela was ‘crazy’.
Mark Zuckerberg is ‘crazy’.
Shonda Rhimes… the mother of the ‘crazies’.

You see, I wonder sometimes: “Am I living the life I always dreamt of? Am I doing the things I always craved to do when I grew up??
Or… Am I ‘grown up’ now?”
As children, we have this fearlessness, this invincibility with which we wake up each day. Believing, knowing we can be, we can do anything.
From being Batwoman… to becoming a NASA Scientist discovering a new planet.
What happens to us?
When do we begin to create the boundaries on our possibilities?
Who whispers and drums it into our ears that we can only be so much... and not much more?
How do we become content with the “white picket fence” dream, and comfortable with just earning enough to keep body and soul together, take our annual trip abroad and keep our pension account funded monthly, with no regard for leaving our mark on earth?
Some days, I (mentally) live my day as Olivia Pope (sans the male drama): White hat, awesome beige coat, black suitcase in hand, being invincible and jaunting the corridors of power with purpose, ‘fixing’ things..
Some days, I find me asking myself if this is 'it'; If this is where I want to be; If I am on the path to becoming who I always wished I would be.
Do you know your ‘crazy’? Are you on the way to actualizing your ‘crazy’?
Or have you become so content with being sane, that the ‘crazy’ seems just plain CRAZY to you??
This is not to say, quit your job from out of the blues, and let hunger to make minced meat out of you.
But if my friend has not taught me anything, my friend has at least taught me that there is no exact 'right' time to begin to chase your dreams.
If your dreams work hand in hand with what you presently find yourself doing, by all means consolidate on it.
Rather than making your job just a regular eight-to-five, find how to make it much more. Build on it. Make the most out of it. Explore. Live outside the box, and pour your passion into it.
If you can pursue what you are really passionate about alongside your chosen source of livelihood, that too is awesome.
If you put your mind to it, you will find that you have more time than you think you think you do. Probably cut down on your daily dose of the Kardashians. And on your directionless internet surfing.
And the excessive nights out.
(This is not to say that leisure is not important; it is. But if you want to live the life others are not living, and do the things others are not doing, you might have to make some sacrifices others are not making).
And then, sometimes… your dreams, your ‘crazy’ may be such that needs all of your time. Your heart. Your everything.
Is it what you REALLY want?
You must not wait till you get everything before you start.
You may never get everything before you start.
Pen it down. Draw a map if you must. Make timelines/projections. Plan towards it… financially and emotionally. Never lose sight of it. Keep updating it… if need be.
When you have done the proper research, laid the proper foundation, you may leap into your ‘crazy’.
If you have not yet discovered your ‘crazy’ (or you are not sure if you even have a ‘crazy’), that too is not a problem.
In the quietness of your room, or in the shower (I don’t know why…but most great ideas are born there!), ask yourself a question:
What is that one thing that even if I were not paid to do, I would do with all my passion, day in, day out, and never get tired of doing??
Right there, somewhere in your answer is the key to your ‘crazy’.
When you find your ‘crazy’, nurture it and don’t let it die. It is the least you could do to the world… to leave a little something behind long after you’re gone.

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