‘Falantine’ is over… what next??

Monday, February 15, 2016

February 14 in, February 14 out.
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Year in, Year out.

Love is in the air! jingles, left right and center.

The global annual (unofficial) tomato fest is on. Everything is red. 

People carrying on like this day would last forever. People carrying on like it would be a never-ending Public Holiday.

Everyone is eerily… ‘happy’. Happy smiles surface everywhere.

Most persons, expectant of a ‘surprise’ package(s) from their significant other(s).

Perfume and Chocolate retailers all set to make their greatest sales in the year this period; for this day.

(Chai. The hustle is real.)

Valentine’s day was yesterday. It has come and gone. With all the tension… the build-up. The lofty expectations met. The broken hearts, and dashed hopes.

Not to be a party-pooper… but really, what was/is the point for all the drama around this one day, out of over three hundred others?

I know. Historically, Valentine’s day recognizes St. Valentine, who died for love. Valentine’s day has been adopted as a day to celebrate romantic love.

Blah-blah. Yada-yada.

Which still does not explain the heavy build-up, the endless commercials, the ‘freebies’ by airlines to enable us all travel to spend valentine’s day with our loved ones.

Peju Akande of Sabinews said something interesting on this in her article Valentine's day is for sex, abi love? 

In her words: "I looked out and observed that virtually every shop was selling Valentine's as some crazy sex day; from outrageously sexy lingerie to kinky cards. Well, that's for the rich guys.

On Valentine's Day, the poorer cousins will be scrambling around for plastic roses, cheap wine, tasteless chocolates, tawdry gifts and wraps, all with one aim in mind.


That is one way of explaining the build-up to Valentine's day.

That the anticipation; the exhilaration is all about mind-blowing, earth-shattering, world-ending, time-stopping, coconut-breaking sex.

Especially, considering that our world has found a way to hijack almost everything beautiful and turn it into something different.  

(Like how “Merry Christmas!” is slowly being replaced by ‘Happy Holidays!’, and the Christmas season being perverted into a celebration of an old, fat, white-haired, short-sighted Caucasian male, rather than a commemoration of the birth of the being that Christians regard as the Saviour)


Is it possible February 14 has now become a ritual day for the cleansing of guilty consciences; to purge our souls of the nagging burden of neglecting to display our affection to the ones we claim we love? A day to make those grandiose actions to which they can “Ooh!” and “Aah!”, and then turn back to “business as usual”?

As every February 14 all over the world gets more and more dramatic, and packs on more and more pressure on couples, it is harder to believe that this day is a day supposed to be dedicated to showing love to the ones we care about.

Maybe that is the problem! That February 14 is our ‘love day’.

I know; I’m no love expert, or whatever. But this thing called love… is it not supposed to be a continuous thing…an ever evolving journey, and not a destination? So why is love just for February 14, and not for everyday?

More importantly, why is love or its display now confined to sweet perfumes, sweet chocolates, and beautiful undergarments for people we intend to rip the undergarments off their bodies?? (This is basically how Valentine’s day is now touted).

How about the little things… like getting the dishes, helping out a bit more in the house, making breakfast in bed for loved ones over the weekends, fixing that other noise from the generator, calling the in-laws, giving our helps some extra time off (or occasionally putting a little extra something on their weekly/monthly allowance)?

How about we make our gestures of love a continuous thing; an everyday affair? Telling and showing the people we love that we love them, everyday?

We can choose to make love less superficial. To make every day a special day for the ones we care about, and find various ways to show we do love them. Ways that go beyond just looking pretty, playing for the gallery, easing our consciences. Ways that actually mean something to them in the long run.

We can choose to continue to be nice, and kind, and loving daily. To go beyond the non-sustainable euphoria of yesterday, and perpetuate love always.

Or we can stick to the annual carnival and begin preparations for next Valentine’s day; getting carried away in the shopping excitement, purchasing the sexiest lingerie we can find, enjoying the expensive dinners and fine wine.

Whichever you decide, this Valentine’s day is over.

For me, what’s next is work.

Today is Monday. Abeg.


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