An Ode to ‘Mr. M’

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This thing that we have.
This fleeting romance..
Time after time..we meet, we fall, we love
We share, we touch..

I miss you..
Yes. I miss you so much.

You make me glow..
But only for a while.
You keep me fully satisfied..
But only for a time.

Why can't you be mine always..
Why can't you be here, always..
Always and forever??

Why do you seduce me?
With your sweet sweet taste..
You seduce me..
and then, you leave.

This touch-and-go kind of love..
It is not good for me.
It is not good on me.
It is not good to me.

I am never the same without you..
After you.

None can take your place.
None can fill that space.

I wish..
Oh! I wish you could stay forever
I wish I could have your sugary, sugary taste forever

I find solace in knowing that…
I shall soon beholden your sweet face..
In barely two moons to come.

And we shall dance our dance
Of fire and passion.

For now, 
As we slowly count the seconds till your return
(Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock)
You must know this..


I miss you greatly…


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