Strength of a Woman

Sunday, April 06, 2014

As a youngster, I always wondered on the pomp & pageantry which surrounded mothers' day, without corresponding attention to their male counterparts. Looking at all the mothers in my church back then and the regalia they donned on Mothers' Sunday, I figured that this was simply because the women had perfected the art of being excessively fashionable, and thus unlike their male counterparts, could mortgage their family's meals for a week to afford their fancies.

My perception as to the reason for the celebration of Mother's Sunday when I was in the University slightly shifted, to it being merely a reason for we Undergrads to invade the pots of our surrogate mothers, and fill our tummies with reckless abandon.

With the eyes of an adult now however, it is no wonder to me why women should be celebrated, not just on Mothers' day, but every day. If anything, they are not celebrated enough, considering the sum of what distinguishes them from the rest of mankind: sheer strength.

From the configuration of her DNA, the woman is apparently imbued with unfathomable strength, which makes her invincible, yet, highly vulnerable. Her lack of understanding as to the depth of her own power makes her susceptible to being taken advantage of by members of the opposite sex (and sometimes, even her own kind), often resulting into the deepest heartache for her. But her strength often materializes in the resilience with which she swallows life's bitter pills, and fights on. 

Traditionally, she was supposed to just stay at home, and provide succor to her children and mate, while the man goes to forage for food for the household. Her role was just ensuring that there is a 'home' for the household. But the dire conditions of the 21st Century has necessitated that she also ventures into the male-dominated world, in order to eke out a living. The amazing thing however is that despite this added responsibility of tilling the ground, she still finds a way to balance this which her primary role of home-maker.

But what I find most awesome about the woman is her nurturing spirit. Every woman is innately wired to be a mother, irrespective of whether or not she has a seed from her own womb. Remember as kids, the disparity in the games the boys play, and the girls play. While the boys are busy playing "Police-and-Thief" and shooting imaginary guns, the female child is usually engaged in playing 'House', with her dolls as her 'children', and 'cooking' food with sand. This ingrain nurturing trait is exhibited in the sensitivity with which she cares for people around her. Little wonder that in most cases, it is mostly the female children whom after marriage are still concerned in the affairs of her pre-marriage family. 

It is with the knowledge of all these that I have now come to appreciate women everywhere, and totally lend my voice to the campaign that women should not just be celebrated on certain days, but should be celebrated everyday, everywhere, every time. I wonder where I would have been, if my own mother was unable to bear nine months of my trespassing in her body. As Shaggy sings it, "Thank God, for the strength of a woman".



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