Friday, February 07, 2014

I recently came across my archives of short poems I penned a while back, and thought to publish them, one after the other..


Should I say? Shall I spill?
The feelings deep, within me still.
The thoughts, the fears, the hopes … and all
Alas! This one was a great fall.

Cleopatra’s strength I seek to draw
But then the knees, they quake some more
To give an insight to the one
I wished I faced at every dawn.

The arrow shot, its wounds run deep
The angels mourn, the dark ones weep.
‘Is that a tender ray of light?’
Again the curtain drops on sight.

Oh why, tell me, did Cupid live??
To wreak destruct: her soul, it bleeds
Should I say? Shall I speak??

Alas! I fear the sun seems bleak…

*Penned 11/03/09


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