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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year everyone!!! 

My busy schedule had not allowed me to make any recent posts, but I promised myself to create a post on the first day of the New Year. 

There has been so much my busy mind has been musing on; Mandiba's exit vis-a-vis Obama's ‘selfies’, the impending self-implosion of Sudan, Kim Jong-Un's executing his once loved uncle, some awesome movies I have seen recently and wanted to write reviews about, e.t.c. However, I have been looking at the past year in retrospect in other to determine the course for this New Year, and it’s on this I'd love to talk on.

I made some progress last year, successfully crossing out some milestones in my achievements 'list'. However, there was so much more I had longed to accomplish before the end of the year. I had met certain challenges and disappointments in the last year, such as I had never encountered before, which threatened the very core of my person and my faith. At the end of the year, I could almost recite off-hand all the things wrong with life, and there seemed little or no blessings left to count.

But a day just before the end of the year, I began scrutinizing all my reservations against the past year vis-a-vis my aspirations in the New Year. It struck me that it was all about me: my career, my car, my finances, my business, my house… my, my, my. Last year, I had been so focused on me, and my issues that I had ceased to realise that life is meaningless without impacting on others.

Case in point, if Nelson Mandela had simply waltzed through life as a lawyer, or accepted the deal to be released from prison in exchange for stopping the fight against apartheid, there is great doubt that his burial would have amassed as varied a crowd as the world has never seen (and may never see again). But it was not just enough for him to make enough money to enjoy life with his family; it mattered to him that the future of unborn black children in South Africa was secured from pseudo-slavery, and that equality became to order of the day in his country. For this cause, he gave up personal comforts, and was willing to give up his life.

Again, Mother Theresa of Calcutta attracted so much attention in her life, and death. She was miniature and nondescript in person, so this had nothing to do with her appearance. Rather, she drew attention by her selfless acts of love, in giving up the comfort of the convent in Loreto to go and live with the poorest of the poor in Calcutta.

The point of the foregoing is: what really is the meaning of ‘success’, if the focus is not to positively affect the lives of others? It hit me that I was truly selfish in 2013, because while I could keep complaining about how I was not able to achieve all I wanted to achieve, I had truly neglected the top priority for the gift of life and resources given to me by God, which is to affect others positively with what I have (or don’t have). My focus should not just be about me, me and me. Rather, my focus should shift to the community and to others.

The greatest gift in life is the ability to take advantage of the future to right the past. Accordingly while I may have made 2013 just about me, 2014 will definitely not toe that path. Now, this does not mean that I do not have personal targets for myself in this year. Rather, these targets should eventually be directed for the good of others around me. It would be unfair to pass through life just being comfortable and cozy, without using our talents and resources to positively affect others.

So this is an open challenge thrown to everyone visiting this page, that 2014 should not just be about you. Constantly and consciously take some time to analyse and assess how much of your 2014 you have been able to make about others, so that at the end of the year, your impact on the lives of others should take a huge part of your achievements for the year. You can share below the different ways of positively affecting the lives of others. Perhaps, someone may take a cue from your thoughts

Meanwhile, I wish y’all the best in the New Year.



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  1. Hello Meg, long time. I trust you are doing well. Read through your post just before leaving for work. I completely see your point of view, for a long time in my life it was all about how do I get better, how do I become more successful. Until recently I had a long discussion with someone who told me that, the top can be very lonely unless you help someone or other people get there with you. So even as I came to a close of the year and all the things I wanted had not been fulfilled, I ended up celebrating the friends and families that got what they wanted and that for me is still success. This year I'm focused on self-growth from the inside out not just for me but also for those closest to me, or anyone willing to take the journey with me. Happy new year Meg :)

    Pamela A

    1. Pam Pam!! Good to hear from you. Yes, I am doing well. Hope you are too (please inbox me on all that's been happening!) Miss y'all so much.

      Its encouraging to hear someone else agree with this resolve of mine to impact on others this. But it's equally important for one to work on themselves, as you have pointed out. I wish you God's wisdom and favour on your journey of self-growth this year. Keep us posted on how it goes. All za best! Xo.