Merkel, Barack, et al..can we stop the bickering already??

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ok. So keeping up with the back and forth is (literally) giving me a headache. Things are fast spinning out of control, and I just want this whole debacle on 'spying' to be ended already.

What started as a tongue-in-cheek matter for gossip is gradually escalating into a full-blown quarrel between countries. When the whole Snowden issue began, I was initially quite irritated with the US government, because the privacy of citizens should be sacrosanct. But remembering 9/11, plus other terrorist attacks, I sort of began to understand with the whole surveillance thing. At the risk of sounding like a US-government paid stooge (which I honestly wish I was), I think something's gotta give. Privacy in this case has to give for security to be assured.

Nevertheless, I found myself grinning a lot during the Putin/US/Snowden/Airport drama. I always predicted that Putin would grant him asylum (duuh! It’s Russia!!), and was not surprised when this turned out to be the case.

But this recent tantrum being thrown by Aunty Merkel, I'm not totally buying it, and I feel it’s being overplayed. Maybe I'm feeling some sympathy for the US because although this presents an opportunity for other European countries to (finally!) voice their reservations against the world's self-appointed policewoman/man, it’s 'all of them' against just one country.

Really, my point is: are we expected to believe that other countries do not spy ont their counterparts? Seriously?? I don't buy it, because every country has its own intelligence department, and espionage is fundamental to protecting the country's interests, even if this may sometimes result into some breach of another country's privacy. Maybe the US intelligence is powerful enough to protect its being successfully spied on. So other countries should seek to protect themselves better from espionage...otherwise, deal with it.

Now, I'm reading reports on CNN that the US has uncovered similar espionage by the German intelligence on the US government (my point above exactly!). I'm not canvassing for or supporting the US. I'm just of the view that we all know that this (as most other political issues) soon will blow over, and be forgotten. Like I said before, I guess this is just an opportunity for the US to finally be chewed on over something. In the meantime, the world has forgotten the thousands of people dying in Syria.

Please can y'all move past this already, so we can focus on more life-threatening global issues already??



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