Why do some of the brightest 'stars' dim so fast??

Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm so excited a new episode of "Glee" premieres next week (Yay!!). But there's this sad feeling that clouds my 'glee' when I think of "Glee" (all pun intended), as one of its most prominent stars will not be returning this season. The sadness is worsened, because his absence is not as a result of greener pastures, but is as a result of his by his untimely death.

Cory Monteith's exit from this world earlier this year was one of the most shocking deaths of a member of the Hollywood constellation. So young. So full of promise. His role in "Glee" and his real life persona seemed to embody the conflict he faced on and off screen. This awesome looking young man who at first glance, appears to have everything going for him, but deep inside is just as insecure as everyone else, with personal struggles just like anyone else. Alas, his own struggles got the better of him. 

Sadly, his story is similar to that of other Hollywood stars before him, and perhaps, others to come (watch out LiLO and Amanda Byrnes!). Last year, the world mourned (and is still mourning) the loss of one of the brightest stars in the music industry. Whitney Houston also caved in to the struggles she faced as a star. The very thing which made her broke her.

Frankie Lymon left the world in closely similar circumstances, albeit at the much younger age of 25 years. So did Amy Winehouse.

And there are instances where the exits of the stars were purely accidental, but the pressures of the life they faced seemed to play its own part in culminating into their end. The beloved King of Pop prematurely exited from this world under purely accidental circumstances, but caused by his inability to sleep. And who can ever forget the elegant Lady Diana, whose death resulting from an automobile "accident" (that is discussion for another day) was due to her fleeing the press?

I began wondering: why do these stars end up so tragically, and have their lives cut short prematurely? Is the pressure from the business of faking happiness so great that they eventually buckle under it?? The most painful of all the deaths for me remains Cory Monteith, as he had finally gotten his big break with "Glee", and his fortunes were just picking up. One wonders as to the point of the whole scurry for fame, if it eventually drives one off the cliff. Asides the loss of the individuals, there is the pain of the talent wasted by the premature exits of these stars, and the void it leaves in the world can never be filled.

Thankfully, there are still other stars out there that keep the fire burning, and symbolise some hope for a seriously ailing industry....Mariah Carey, Gladys Knight, Bill Cosby, Shania Twain, Toby Mac, Beyoncé ... and the rest of the constellation. Thank y'all for holding the forte.

In the meantime, RIP Cory Monteith....Gleeks all over the world will forever miss you...



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